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Delivery Terms

Your orders will be processed and shipped within 2 to 3 working days following the receipt of the transfer amount of the order for payments made by wire transfer and the approval of the relevant bank for payments made by credit card. Depending on the distance from the delivery address to Keşan, the courier company will deliver your order to you within 2-7 days.

Delivery times of special production products vary according to the production time. The delivery information and times of such products are specified on the product pages.

In case of a mishap caused by us, you will be notified based on your membership information. That's why membership is complete and accurate information is important. Delivery is not done on weekends and feast days.

All of the products you choose will be delivered to you by the contracted cargo companies with the guarantee of The products you have purchased will be notified to you with a confirmation e-mail.

www.alabolan.comis an online shopping site. It allows multiple users to shop at the same time. In rare cases, more than one consumer may purchase the same product and the product may run out of stock. If a product you have paid for is out of stock, the amount of the relevant product is either returned to you in line with your request and information, or it is sent to you when the product is in stock.

If the product amount is returned, the refund amount will be directed to your bank account or credit card within 5 working days. The reflection time of the refunds directed to the credit card to the credit card accounts is at the disposal of the relevant bank. For products paid by credit card, the refund amount is not made in cash to the buyer.



Product Return Policy


If the product you purchased on our site is found to be faulty, you can send an e-mail to about your return request or call +90 (284) 502 25 58 within 14 working days at the latest from the delivery date. As the product return and replacement conditions, the practices in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 4077 are essential.


The products are sent in their original packaging, in a closed cargo box and in a way that is not visible from the outside. Products that have been opened and used, and products that are in deterioration, breakage, destruction, tearing, etc. are not accepted for return.

The actual colors and color tones of the products differ in the computer environment, for these reasons, the product cannot be considered as defective or defective goods, our company does not accept responsibility for these reasons.


In the return process, you can request a refund to us by sending an e-mail containing all copies of the product invoice that you receive with the product and your order number, name and surname of the order, reason for cancellation/return, and photo.

Returned product without notification is not accepted, we must be notified first.

In the case of faulty products and wrong products, you can send them with Sürat Cargo without paying any shipping fee.

The customer will not be refunded before the returned products reach us and are checked. The shipping fee paid by the customer during the order of that product is not included in the price to be returned. The time for the credit card refunds to be reflected on the credit card accounts is at the discretion of the relevant bank.

For products purchased with a credit card, the seller cannot return cash to the buyer in accordance with the contract he has made with the bank.

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