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  • Which region does your olive oil belong to?
    Capable North Aegean Olive Oil belongs to olives grown in Ayvalık. South Aegean Olive Oil that has failed, belongs to the olives grown in the Akhisar region.
  • How do you make olive oil, what stages does it go through?
    We have classified our olives according to their growing regions. Then we classified it as early harvest, cold-pressed-stone-pressed. 1. Cold Pressed olive oil? - All our olive oil varieties and grades are cold pressed. The most important reason for being cold pressed is the fact that the polyphenol value in the olive is not lost in the cold pressing process and that the foods it contains are not boiled to death at the first stage. 2. Early harvest olive oil? - Produced from fresh green olives, the first harvest is olives. It is a very nutritious oil. Polyphenol value is also high. 3. Stone-pressed olive oil? - Our slogan of old traditions, new possibilities came out with this method. Olives, which are obtained by crushing between two stones, are now made with modern machine processes that use this method, and thanks to this, olive oil does not become acidic. Its lifespan is naturally long and it comes to your table in the most natural way since it has very little contact with oxygen. It is a very laborious and labor-intensive pressing method. and his machine is not everywhere.
  • How does olive oil enter the packaging?
    We keep our olive oil, which we obtain at the time of harvest, in chrome oil stock tanks. At this stage, the olive pulp in the olive oil slowly sinks to the bottom. After removing the settled pulp from the bottom, we pass the olive oil through a 100% natural cotton filter and transfer it to clean boilers so that the remaining pulp does not burn in hot meals and the oil has a long life. Then, the filling of our bottles begins and they are packaged by pressing nitrogen in an environment with less contact with oxygen. The reason for pressing nitrogen is that olive oil has a long shelf life with the natural method. Because olive oil in contact with oxygen becomes acidic and its life is shortened.
  • In which kind of packaging should we buy olive oil?
    Olive Oil is an Acid oil. For this reason, we generally recommend purchasing it in dark glass bottles and cans. But let's clarify a misunderstood information. Olive oil is taken in the plastic bottle, but the bottle must not be obtained from recycling plastic. In other words, you can buy olive oil in plastic, obtained from zero raw materials. In order to understand how it is brand new, you can look at the icons on the bottom of the bottle, its brand and business registration number, or you can buy it from places you trust. The plastic bottles that fail are produced from zero raw materials and they have food compatibility certificates.
  • How are my orders shipped?
    Your orders are carefully wrapped in patty bags and placed in double corrugated boxes or in their own unique styrofoam boxes and delivered to the cargo. Alabolan company works with fast cargo.
  • when will my order be given to cargo?
    Orders placed before 17.00 on weekdays will be delivered to the cargo on the same day. Your orders placed on weekends and/or public holidays and on special days will be delivered to the cargo on the next business day.
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